How Can I Find Environmentally Responsible Companies?

Environmentally Friendly

With so many companies out there doing damage to our environment, it can be difficult to find companies that you want to support with your money that will not turn around and damage the earth. However, with a little research and forethought, you can quickly find companies with a clean environmental record.

Here's how to do it:

Do Your Research

Depending on what industry you are looking into, you may need to do some research. Just because a company claims that their methods are friendly towards the environment doesn’t actually mean they are. Once you have found out how they are manufacturing their products, do some independent research into how those methods affect the environment. It is also important to make sure these companies use fair working conditions and that they aren’t cheating the local people.

Go to the "About Us" Section

The “About Us” section is the best place to start when you are looking into a company, especially if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly one. These companies want you to know that they are doing their part to help this world, so a quick glance at their “About Us” section should let you know what they are doing if they are doing anything at all. You can also look at where they source their materials from and how they treat their workers. While it isn’t always true, as a general rule, environmentally responsible companies focus on responsible sourcing and treating their workers well.

Look at What Else They Do

Most companies that are looking out for the environment don’t just responsibly source their materials; they also do their best to give back in other ways. Whether they are protecting an endangered species, promoting community project in underdeveloped countries, or providing income for third-world countries, these companies want to take care of other people.

Look for Endorsements

What do other people say about this company? Environmental agencies often congregate around companies that are trying to do their part, and they aren’t shy about their endorsements for legitimate companies because they want you to be able to find these companies. If you can’t find any endorsements, start looking for the reasons why. If the company is masquerading behind a mask of caring about the environment, there will be people calling them out.

It can be difficult to figure out what companies you should support and which ones you should avoid, but with some research, you can find companies and products that support the same values you have.


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  • I love this article—-it’s an excellent point and these days it can be hard to take things at face value.

    Love your Lemur bags and your environmental commitment. I love the fresh prints on the bags and that’s wonderful they are handmade! I see shopping in my near future, lol.


    • Shannon