We Donate

Whoa! Lemur
Say What!?
We absolutely adore lemurs, and want to do whatever it takes to keep them off the "extinct" list. That's why we created Lemur Bags! We'll always be 100% transparent and open with you about how much of and where your money is going. 

How Much Do We Donate?

We are donating 15% of all profits to lemur conservation efforts. This is above average for philanthropic companies, and if we can donate more in the future, we will.

Who Do We Work With?

We screen each organization we work with to ensure their practices are in line with our values here at Lemur Bags. We are currently working with the Lemur Conservation Network, Duke Lemur CenterLemurLove.org, and Lemur Conservation Foundation to protect Madagascar’s lemurs from extinction. These are amazing organizations that are doing great work in Madagascar and around the world. Please visit their respective websites for more information on what they're doing, and feel free to donate directly to them to help out even more.

Lemur Conservation NetworkLemur LoveDuke Lemur CenterLemur Conservation Foundation

We will constantly update this list as we work with more organizations or donate more to lemur conservation efforts.