A Rhino to the Rescue: A Tale of Conservation and Adventure

Cleve Hicks - A Rhino to the Rescue

A good friend of Lemur Bags - Dr. Cleve Hicks - is a Field Primatologist who has spent his life circumnavigating the globe in search of his primate cousins. He spent 6 years in the Congo Basin slogging through swamps after western lowland gorillas and trekking across savannahs in pursuit of eastern chimpanzees.

Today, Dr. Hicks is still traveling to Africa regularly, but has found time to write and illustrate an entertaining book to educate children on the dire state of our wildlife in Africa.

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How Can I Find Environmentally Responsible Companies?

Environmentally Friendly

With so many companies out there doing damage to our environment, it can be difficult to find companies that you want to support with your money that will not turn around and damage the earth. However, with a little research and forethought, you can quickly find companies with a clean environmental record.

Here's how to do it:

Do Your Research

Depending on what industry you are looking into, you may need to do some research. Just because a company claims that their methods are friendly towards the environment doesn’t actually mean they...