How Companies Can Reduce Their Environmental Impact - A Business Owner's Guide

With all the new technology that has come out in the past few years, there are more ways for businesses to be kinder to the environment. More business owners are becoming conscious of the need to decrease the impact their business operations have on the environment.

And the good news is, not only do green business practices benefit the environment - they also benefit the business owner.

A few of these benefits include increased efficiency, waste reduction, and a more safe and healthy work environment. If you’re a business owner, here are a few practices you can adopt that can help reduce your company’s environmental impact.

Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials

The materials you use to do business must be manufactured and shipped to the location you conduct business. The manufacturing and transportation process contributes to emissions and environmental pollution. Once the materials are used, they are often disposed ofcontributing to greater waste in landfills.

All of this can have a significant impact on the environment. One way businesses can reduce their environmental impact is to use less waste-producing materials.

Possible solutions can be as simple as using both sides of the paper for printing and maintaining office equipment in a way that causes the equipment to last longer. We currently live in a consumption culture that favors buying equipment and products new instead of making that equipment last. Rather than making constant upgrades, focus on making repairs.

Business owners can also support the environment by replacing plastic and styrofoam items with more biodegradable materials. Cups, straws, and packaging materials are great places to start with this concept. All of these are small but meaningful changes when it comes to reducing your environmental impact. 

Protect the Immediate Environment

Industries like construction can have a positive impact on the health of the environment if proper practices are not used. The construction industry is know for producing huge amounts of waste and significantly contributing to environmental emissions. Fortunately, the potential for negative effects on the environment can be lessened by remaining mindful of a few important points.

One important thing owners of construction companies can do is minimize fuel usage. Burning fossil fuels in excess can cause great environmental harm. Companies should only use the amount of fuel necessary to complete their projects.

Attention should also be paid to the effect of heavy equipment on the ground and surrounding vegetation. Construction mats protect the environment from heavy equipment. Other considerations include noise reduction, waste disposal, and finishing projects in a timely fashion.

Moving toward green building practices works to reduce your environmental impact, but it can also provide business benefits. More and more people are focused on sustainability, so green construction practices will appeal to many home buyers. 

Green Web Hosting

Embracing biodegradable materials and reducing energy use are common changes for companies to adopt. A lesser-known environmental impact for operating a business is web hosting. 

Did you know the internet has a carbon footprint? The energy needed to run every server on the planet is equal to the energy generated by five nuclear power plants. Web hosting is currently on track to overtake air travel as the worst offending industry for the environment. 

To help combat this significant environmental impact, green hosting services are becoming widely available. This service provides server space while employing practices that are friendly to the environment. These companies decrease energy costs by using renewable energy and the cost to you will be comparable to the costs of services from traditional web hosting companies.


There are many methods available to a company that wishes to reduce their impact on the environment and make the world a better place. These practices will endear you to both customers and potential employees while providing you with the competitive edge that comes from lower costs to do business. 

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