Our Story

Lemurs loving life

What's up with Lemurs?

Lemurs are a small primate found only on their native island of Madagascar. These adorable little creatures are one of the most endangered animals on Earth thanks to illegal deforestation, and are in desperate need of our help. By purchasing a Lemur Bag, you are helping to keep them from becoming extinct. We donate a significant portion of our profits to organizations that work hard to keep lemurs alive and well.

Who Are We?

When we discovered that lemurs are in grave danger of becoming extinct, we knew we wanted to help in whatever way possible. We decided to create a new line of bags that not only look great but will last for years, and donate a significant portion of our profits toward conservation efforts to keep these amazing creatures off the "extinct" list. We only work with good companies who use responsible and environmentally friendly business practices, and will accept no less.

We will always be 100% transparent about where your money is going and will keep an updated list of the organizations we’re working with on this website. We thoroughly evaluate each company we donate to, to make sure your (and our!) money and resources are being spent in the best way possible.