Weekly Wildlife Wednesday: Edition 10

Lemur Bags - Weekly Wildlife Wednesday

Hi friend, I hope your week has been great so far! 

Here's your Weekly Wildlife Wednesday for April 25th. 

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Mark your calendars for next week, Tuesday, May 1 at noon through Wednesday, May 2 at noon. Community Foundation of Sarasota County are holding the 2018 Giving Challenge where you can get your donation doubled thanks to The Patterson Foundation. They will match gifts from $25 to $100 to any of the over 600 nonprofit organizations you choose to donate to, including our friends over at the Lemur Conservation Foundation.


Don't forget about plastic pollution. Just because Earth Day 2018 is over (Sunday, April 22nd, in case you've forgotten already!) doesn't mean you should forget about reducing your plastic usage. I just backed this super cool Kickstarter project called FinalStraw - a collapsible, reusable, and easy-to-carry metal straw that attaches to your keychain so you can carry it anywhere. With Americans using over 500 million plastic straws every day, I highly recommend reusable straws!


Indonesia for Sale. Mongabay and The Gecko Project just released their second installment of their in-depth series about the corruption behind Indonesia’s deforestation crisis. Head over to their site to read Ghosts in the Machine: The land deals behind the downfall of Indonesia’s top judge. "The series is the product of 16 months of reporting across the Southeast Asian country, interviewing fixers, middlemen, lawyers and plantation companies involved in land deals, and those most affected by them."


Brazil - and possibly other developing nations - are underestimating their carbon emissions under the 2025 Paris Climate Agreement. Bill Laurance, Director of the Centre for Tropical Environment and Sustainability Science at James Cook University, says "My gut sense is that Brazil’s estimates of Amazon carbon losses from deforestation and forest degradation are being underestimated by roughly 50 percent." And with Brazil's rainforests releasing significantly more carbon dioxide than previously thought, it's more important than ever to keep these measurements honest and in check.


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