Weekly Wildlife Wednesday: Edition 14

Lemur Bags - Weekly Wildlife Wednesday

Hi friend, I hope you're having a great week and hopefully you get the day off work to celebrate Independence Day.

After an extended delay, we're back this week with your Weekly Wildlife Wednesday for July 4th.

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Happy Independence Day! As you're celebrating tonight, don't forget that your pets and other animals and wildlife are scared out of their minds wondering why the world seems to be exploding! Give them extra cuddles tonight. This comic from The Oatmeal sums it up nicely.

Lemurs can smell weakness in their opponents and others. Researchers at Duke University have confirmed that lemurs can pick up on hundreds of different characteristics of the scent left behind by other lemurs, including weakness, if one was injured. More info in this article from Earth.com.

Seattle bans plastic straws! I've written about it many times before, but we use way too much plastic! Americans use around 500 MILLION plastic straws EVERY DAY! Finally, a major US city has outright banned the use of plastic straws - what a great initiative! I sincerely hope more cities and states follow suit. More on Futurism.

Imagine opening the door in the morning and seeing this. Uhh, hey guys, can I...can I help you?

Mission Madagascar: Fall benefit under the stars. On Saturday, September 15, Duke Lemur Center is holding a benefit event, and it's gong to be a big one! Recommended attire: Be creative and get into the spirit of Madagascar! There will be prizes awarded for various categories of dress! Registration begins in August; read more on the DLC website.


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