Weekly Wildlife Wednesday: Edition 8

Lemur Bags - Weekly Wildlife Wednesday

Hi friend, I hope your week has been great so far! 

Here's your Weekly Wildlife Wednesday for April 11th. 

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The Lemur Love Spring Charity Auction is going on right now! Make sure to head over to the charity auction site Bidding for Good to take part in this fantastic auction which ends tomorrow. We're proud to have donated two Lemur Bags to help out, and there are over 90 other items ripe for the picking! To see what this auction will be supporting, check out the Lemur Love Summer 2018 Expedition Madagascar page.


A good friend of Lemur Bags, Dr. Cleve Hicks, is a field primatologist who spends lots of time in Africa, especially the Congo, studying primates. He cares a great deal about wildlife conservation, and has written and illustrated a fantastic children's book called A Rhino to the Rescue: A Tale of Conservation and Adventure to educate children on the dire state of wildlife in Africa. 10% of the book's proceeds are donated to the people taking care of these amazing creatures. You can buy the book on Amazon or read more over here.


Is this a Lemguin or a Pengur? Either way, it's a weird cross between a lemur and a penguin, and I'm loving it (even though it's a bit creepy). HybridAnimals is a subreddit on Reddit.com where people use Photoshop to create scarily-realistic versions of two animals merged together as if they had a child. Last week the base animal was a ring-tailed lemur, and the results were fantastic.


Eating less increases lemur lifespan by 50%! In a 10-year study on grey mouse lemurs, scientists found that reducing calories by 30% compared to their "normal diet", the median lifespan of the lemurs were increased from 6.4 years to an incredible 9.6 years! This is great news for the lemur conservation world! Read much more about this study at EurekAlert.


Some sad news from the Congo. Six rangers from Virunga National Park in the  Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) were killed in an ambush, which was believed to be carried out by the armed “Mai Mai” militia - one of the many dangerous groups in the area. Virunga is home to many rare species, including critically endangered mountain gorillas. Read more at The Guardian.


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