6 Companies You Might Not Know are Giving Back

Environmental Values

Companies that give back to the environment aren't always the easiest to find, although more and more are popping up lately.

Efforts include using energy-efficient machines, producing less waste and pollution, as well as using recycled materials.

Even the smallest efforts can improve the large carbon footprint generated by these huge corporations.


Adobe Responsibility

Adobe has previously been known as the greenest IT company. They have reduced their plastic packaging to limit pollution and aim at net-zero energy consumption.

They have also installed environmentally friendly fixtures in their office, as well as native landscaping, to reduce water waste and promote sustainability.


Ikea solar panels

IKEA works to design sustainable products, as well as utilize sustainability in transporting, packaging, and producing them.

Some steps they've taken include using renewable materials in their furniture, as well as having products that save energy and water, plus produce less waste.

Their sustainability strategy, "People and Planet Positive" focuses on making people live sustainable lives, even outside their furniture and products they use.


Panasonic green plan

Panasonic has made several efforts to be better to the environment. They always try to make environmentally-friendly products.

They even moved their corporate headquarters so that it was closer to a majority of their employees and lessened their travel time, eliminating a lot of air pollution from commuting.

In fact, they estimate they will save eight million tons of gas emissions through their energy efficiency.


Nike HQ

Nike works to use recycled materials in all of their footwear to help protect the environment and reduce waste.

They also sponsor Biketown, a bike-sharing program in Portland, Oregon that encourages people to utilize bikes throughout town, rather than using a car or taxi, which helps eliminate excess air pollution, as well as unnecessary energy consumption.

doTERRA Essential Oils


doTERRA focuses on ensuring the long-term supply of their sources. Their doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation helps communities all over the world get the proper sanitation they need, as well as supplies of clean water, among other essentials.

This mission not only helps impoverished people and countries, but also keeps doTERRA supplying their environmentally-friendly and quality oils.

Lemur Bags


C'mon, you knew this one was coming! 

As you probably know, Lemur Bags works with and donates 15% of profits to lemur conservation organizations in Madagascar and around the world.

We want to make it our goal to help save these poor, critically endangered primates from becoming extinct.

All in all, companies are striving to make a difference in not only the way they manufacture their goods, but in improving the pollution and waste they are creating.

By combining these easy tasks, companies are working to create a better Earth and hopefully inspiring people everywhere to do the same.

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