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These are the World’s Top 25 Most Endangered Primates

Roloway Monkey

I think it goes without saying that we at Lemur Bags care about all of nature's wildlife, not only lemurs.

A new report, released yesterday at the Primate Society of Great Britain’s 50th anniversary conference in London, shines some light on just how close to extinction some beloved primates are.

As depressing as this news is, it also serves as motivation to help out and do something about this growing problem.

Six lemurs from Madagascar make the new Primates In Peril report, and reveal that less than...

Louisiana is Leaping for Lemurs! Meet the Louisiana Lemur Foundation

Louisiana Lemur Foundation
Pictured from left to right: Jessica Meyer, Tina Aust, Melissa Passman, and Jamie Marks.
Please enjoy this guest post by Louisiana Lemur Foundation co-founder Jessica Meyer!

The Louisiana Lemur Foundation was officially formed in October 2017. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, LLF promotes lemur conservation, public education, and non-invasive research. Founders Tina Aust and Jessica Meyer were inspired to create the organization back in early 2016 while working as zookeepers caring for lemurs. The team expanded to include Jamie Marks and Melissa Passman, also zookeepers with a passion for prosimians.


Announcing the 2017 World Lemur Festival

World Lemur Festival 2017

This is a guest post from Lucía Rodríguez Valverde, Director of the Lemur Conservation Network - one of the amazing organizations we support. Thank you Lucia!

Hello Lemur Bags fans!

This week, the World Lemur Festival (WLF) starts, a very important series of events for lemur conservation. From the last days of October until mid-November, different organizations, zoos and other institutes from all over the world, will host activities where they´ll celebrate lemurs.  By raising awareness for lemur conservation and sharing how special lemurs and Madagascar are! The WLF is...